POSIX Cake Frosting Utility

Posted on Jul 26, 2019

ckefrst –help

Decorate a specified cake (or similar food-stuff) with indicated treatment

Applies one or more decorative operations to the specified food-stuff using default icing or specified treatment.

NOTE: Icing is always considered installed, but the caller is responsible for ensuring the hopper is sufficiently stocked

Uninstalled treatments are not excluded unless –exclude-uninstalled is passed.

Use “ckefrst treatments –list” for a complete list of supported treatments.

Examples: - List all treatments in reverse chronology of installation.

$ ckefrst treatments –list –freshest

  • Cover both top and sides of food-stuff in rich delicious butter cream frosting

    $ ckefrst –top frost –treatment butter_cream –side frost –treatment butter_cream

  • Write upper-case message on food-stuff in oval pattern with icing treatment

    $ ckefrst –top write –pattern oval -k upper -m “Happy Sysadmin Day” –treatment icing

  • Draw Bitmap Image on top of food-stuff with specified color mapping to treatments

    $ ckefrst –top draw –image –color-map ‘white’ –treatment icing –color-map ‘yellow’ –treatment lemon –color-map ‘black’ –treatment fudge_cream


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