The last tree to bud out has finally done so. Landscaper wanted me to cut it down when I had the horse apple tree felled, but I remembered this one is still alive, just slowing down.

📷 🤖 Bender is modeling a prototype modification* of Zac’s (Tw: @GimmeBuilds ) DIY Face Shield

*Using Avery Clear Easy View Tab Dividers instead of Fellowes Binding Covers

Chastened by a comment Naomi Wu wrote about Makers discounting sewing… I resisted the urge to get the professional grade industrial computerized sewing machine, and got the cheapest thing that could work

📷 🌳 ☀️ This is my tree y’all. Have a nice day

Y’all know that joke where the bachelor throws some random ingredients together and calls it dinner?



Taco Theory

🎵🎸 ‘Never Fade’ by Alice In Chains is part of the reason their Rainier Fog album keeps growing on me, more and more, over time.…

🎙🎶 ‘Scrub and Bleach’

And now, your moment of zen #birdfeeder

Wet Wipes Face Mask

  • Filter: Wet Wipes (Dried) (2)
  • Spacer: Paper Towel
  • Mount: Satin Ribbon (Hand Sewn)
  • Hairdryer (or Iron) (construction aide)
  • Scissors (construction)
  • Thread & Needle (construction)

YouTube: NProkuda

Napkin Mask

  • Filter: Napkins
  • Mount: Rubber Bands (Circumferential)
  • Option: Improve Fit with Stiff Insulated Wire

YouTube: Genius Asian

Example Hand Sewn “N95 Type” Mask

  • Filter: Carbon Sheet (Activated)
  • ALSO: Merv 13 (from deconstructed HVAC filter)
  • ALSO: Gauze Pad (Maxi Pad)
  • ALSO: Cotton (T-Shirt/Leggings)
  • CON: Reuse Intended (Partial)

YouTube: Raphaela Laurean

PPE Mask Experiment

I’m dubious of the hand-sewn cloth masks, because of reuse. Seems like disposability is key, which requires cheap materials, and ease of DIY.

2 Thick paper towels (folded) 4 small rubber bands (tied) tape : plastic vs paper?

Any nCov protection is minimal!

OK, it is very clear that today has been one of the worse… #EverywhereTheSigns…

Picked up dinner from the taco truck after the gym. Once Covid-19 takes hold these street food micro-businesses are going to get decimated…

Keep these definitions of his favorite words in mind whenever ‘Don the Con’ speaks:

Incredible - Is not to be trusted.

Fantastic - Is not based in reality.

Unbelievable - Can not be believed.

Today’s alternative input device:

Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring

Scroll Ring (versus the usual wheel) changes fingering for scroll. Orbit is more precise than my classic trackball (less inertia than HUGE pool cue sized ball)

(Retrieved from the box of old gear I keep)

Literally clearing out a corner in the basement to move my desk into…

Sunnier Days

🗳 🇺🇸 Fortunate to receive some assistance in performing my civic duties this #SuperTuesday afternoon from my niece #WeVotedWarren

I loved “Future Foe Scenarios” more but “Lazy Eye” is darn good and the most popular track off the Silver sun Pickups’ debut album “Carnavas”

Cutting this Lotus `49 F1 model for (hopefully) easier printing… hopefully.

Using OpenSCAD is probably overkill but… #3DP

Primary Research:

Bernie lists a handful of vague bullet points for each of six broad ideas he will detail later if he wins

But #Warren has nearly a dozen objectives each documented by as many as a score of specific, actionable, steps she plans to take as soon as she is elected ✅

Robotic Reinforcement #Bender #3DP

Every thing will work better if it is given the proper support. #ParallelLines

Pretty sure this model is not printing well #StrikeFour #3DP