🎶🥁 I’ll just be over here trying to crawl inside the opening groove to ‘Golden Light’, “STFKR”


So many emails yesterday for stuff I have so little interest in. Beginning the mass unsubscribe…

Using a ‘MikroTik hEX PoE lite’, so I can run some PoE gear. The web UI is all options. Zero user guidance, but total control… I can barely work it out and I did setup & admin of LANs, SANs, and VPNs once upon a time…

Signal boost because Impunity is tantamount to Tyranny


Thankful for the fortune I have had, despite my many mistakes, to have had a pretty good life. We could all of us have been homeless or worse given a different fork in our path #Thanksgiving

Thankful for the affection of my nieces & nephews, who don’t yet know that I’m not as cool as they think I am 😎 #Thanksgiving

🦃🍽 Proto-Cornucopia in Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet (with Crisco Butter Non-Stick Spray, Silicon Baking May, and Tinfoil)

🦃🍽 For this morning’s art project, I have retained the services of two professional creatives, who gave me much advice on something none of us have tried before… 🖼

🦃 🍽 It’s not all desserts - I made a meatloaf and am working on sides… #FallFeast

There’s a crack in my pumpkin But the coconut topping looks good! #Thanksgiving

It wouldn’t be the Fall Feast without Candied Yams (Carolina Style, aka Pre-Diabetes)

Making stuff… #physics #chemistry #flavor

Thanksgiving : I don’t have to use cactus in any recipes this week! OK… for fun work experiences

🎶🎙 The tracks ‘Pity’ and ‘You Thought Not’ on Morgan James album ‘Reckless Abandon’ have that vibe I wanted to keep grooving on this morning…


I’m Strapped.

🎶🎙 Saturday Morning Soul ‘Maps’ - Morgan James & Postmodern Jukebox (Maroon 5 cover as 70s soul)


I need a full album of this voice in this style. At least!

📚 Strange Planet - Nathan W Pyle 👽 🌎

Charts I would like to see : Traffic at other streaming services at time of the debut of Disney+ 📈📊📉

Nothing like a torrential rain storm during prime spookulating hours to ensure I have to eat ten pounds of leftover #Halloween chocolate This weekend 👻

PSA : If you bought candy for distributing on Halloween, it is official now. Take the locks off the trunk and ‘sample’ it for breakfast, before work, after lunch… Whatever! #TreatYoSelf

w00t! I finally found a set of replacement arms for my delta 3DP. Now, I just have to recalibrate the universe…

Beat Dook #GoHeels🦶🏻💎🐏🏈 Always a #GDTBATH

🥁 🎧 “Sing Along” - Sturgill Simpson I’ll offer high praise for this : Very 80s ZZ-esque

Replaced my missing AirPods with these (fire sale!) $29 over-ear Bluetooth headphones (includes aux wired mode if you prefer) Mod-1 Headphones

Starting ‘Flip the Script Friday’ with Eric B & Rakim : “Follow The Leader”