Primary Research:

Bernie lists a handful of vague bullet points for each of six broad ideas he will detail later if he wins

But #Warren has nearly a dozen objectives each documented by as many as a score of specific, actionable, steps she plans to take as soon as she is elected ✅

Robotic Reinforcement #Bender #3DP

Every thing will work better if it is given the proper support. #ParallelLines

Pretty sure this model is not printing well #StrikeFour #3DP

Mid-February Blooms

Reuse ♻️ Amazon Padded Envelope (Bubble Wrap Mailer)

Would 100% buy it again #iPod

“3D Printing touches my fantasy” #Oops 😳

Well meaning, once you abstract the language to deduce intent, but among the more problematic mottos of Chinese vendors I have come across… 👀

If progressives think we can just protest a little louder, donate a little more money, and post a few more outraged remarks, we are going to be very disappointed.

The bad guys will be fighting to stay out of jail!

Their supporters are unreflective, undoubting & bloodthirsty

Today could never settle into one shape so I’m mixing the first My Chemical Romance album with the last Rhino Bucket release. 🎶 🔊

Calibrated the Horizontal Expansion Offset in Cura last night, and now the print-in-place hinge from 3DPrintingProfessor’s #PrintABlok project work flawlessly even when printed via fast draft profile

Switched to PETG (Overture White) for this batch of PrintABlok parts.

One of the print-in-place hinges had a fused axle, and did not survive my limbering technique. I will have to reduce the feed rate (as The Professor suggested) for the next batch.

Or build a better printer…

We should all revel that we get to live in this golden age of pop-up toaster naan #HotCarbs

Failed beta block for The 3D Printing Professor’s upcoming #PrintABlok project.

I was twisting it on when it split…

But I used cheap no-name filament on this batch plus my machine is definitely not printing precise tolerances (will slow down and try again)

Investigating where this #3DP model went wrong… 🖨 🚛

Reed Mullin (53), drummer and founder of hardcore punk band ‘CORROSION OF CONFORMITY’ has died.

Obit @ Blabbermouth

Last nights pizza party (post-workout) was my anniversary reward for dropping three stones since joining gym 🏔📉🏋🏼‍♂️

If a pizza has 300 calories per quarter, and a diet app reports 1400 calories remaining in the daily budget, how many fourths of a pizza is about to be devoured? 🍕

There’s a Qdoba around the corner from this Apple store so I can sit and regret my expensive choices over some gringo-safe southwestern /comida/ 🌮

🤑 Payday ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ Progressive Fundraiser Challenge

Pick a neighbor district to your own, and a progressive person to support in an election there, then donate some of your hard-earned funds.

You can be ESPECIALLY impactful to candidates for State & Local roles!

Synchronicity : When the last podcast in your Play Next queue ends the second you put the car in park. 🔊🚙 🛑 🎙

Taal Volcano is swelling, a portion has sunk and the entire volcano island has tilted slightly, indicating a “resupply” of magma or molten rock rising to the surface that presages a powerful eruption Phi Vol CS - Taal


Me: what?

Ref: Penalty: Delay of Purchase


Ref: Player ‘forgot’ wallet at home

Penalty is Repeat round trip with fuel light blinking, and loss of twenty minutes.

Me: Wait, can I use Apple Pay?

Ref: Sir, this is a Speedway

The semi-official theme song of software development 🎵

“It’s so easy… without complexity” -Eagles Of Death Metal

A Few Hours More

In the frame story

That surrounds their dark misadventure

Where we know they are treading water

Cold and black

Just before the fateful moment…

The third man is on screen


Giving a confessional before his just reward

His breathy delivery pausing




Eyeing the first man,

offstage and unseen

Except by the one who is known

Threatening - if he reveals

What was thought to be forgotten

A secret he suspects

but can he prove?

Who the real monster is…

If he could only rewind

And play back what happened

A few hours more