“Take Five” by Dave Brubeck is playing As Dawn is heating up the horizon while I drive the last hundred miles for my road trip today and then it’s back to work

IF on a road trip, THEN eat at a local diner. Today: Aberdeen Diner, Aberdeen, MD Bonus: Wurlitzer by bar, Elvis on the wall

Ever since I listened to ‘Interstate Love Song’ yesterday I have been listening to nothing but Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver albums 🎸🎵

Successful demo, the JellyBox is now printing! #ERRF2019

Live Build : JellyBox 3D Printer Designed to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly, intended for STEM education #ERRF2019


I guess that is broken… #DeltaEffectorRod #3DP

Nailed my first parametric SCAD design!

Well, almost… the aesthetic of the flange is off (too wide) but it mounts ok #FunctionalPrint

Prototype part to mount an air gauge on a hopper (grain) trailer

It’s Samantha Fish day!

Her new album ‘Kill Or Be Kind’ is now available for your immediate musical satisfaction. 🎸


Rose Dew 🥀📸

📚 Started reading: “A Little Hatred” -Joe Abercrombie

The Cars

For all my blues, roots, and metal leanings one mainstream band I have always loved was The Cars.

They produced massive pop hits including ‘Just What I Needed’, ‘You Might Think’, ‘Moving In Stereo’, and the devastating track ‘Drive’

When, after decades, they released a new album in 2011, it was an instant purchase, and felt immediately familiar.


Ric Ocasek will be remembered for infectious beats, crystalline production, for marrying very well, and for being completely underrated for the penetrative insight in his lyrics.

Granny doling out dem birthday dollars

I thought rose season was over last week but a new bloom has emerged to defy my ignorance 🥀 #BlackThumb

Why don’t you have a lie in this morning and chill to the R&B/Soul croon of ‘Hello Stranger’?

music.apple.com 🎵

🎶 River Park Concert : October 19th, 2019

⛰ Eno Mountain Boys, 👏🏻 Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics, 🎸 Samantha Fish, & ⭐️ Anders Osborne


TIL: Samantha Fish 🎶🎸💙

I… I think this is now a Samantha Fish fan account.


Answering questions about ten year old failed pilot projects AS A SERVICE 😱☢️👴

The “lawlessness at the heart of AdTech has begat a culture of data exploitation above data protection”

(Google appears to be circumventing its purported GDPR privacy protections)[https://brave.com/google-gdpr-workaround/]

“the largest leakage of personal data ever recorded.”

🎵 Here is a John Hiatt playlist put together by NextDraft that I have been enjoying this weekend

On Apple Music

On Spotify

The official snack of the south? That’s a BIG claim, John. 🍖

Mack is Back! #GoHeels 🏈 🐏

Wow, looks like WFU has a gamer of a QB in Newman! He had to make two TD throws to get credit for one on a last gasp drive 🏈 #ACCN

Boppers beware! #SheIsComing

TIL: Pinned Tabs for Atom text editor

I prefer the ‘Find in Project’ search results in my preferred left-most position, but opening new tabs would cause it to ‘drift’ around over time

Today, I finally searched for a plug-in to ‘pin’ tabs :