Songbird Dinner Invitation 🐦🍴

This past spring I wanted to encourage more birds, especially songbirds, to visit my backyard.

First step was to put up a feeder, of the weighted spring type to foil greedy squirrels. I have endeavored to keep it stocked this summer, although their insatiable demands have sometimes exceeded my willingness to do the chore for a few days.

The previous owners left a painted gourd hanging by the backdoor. I cleaned it out, and relocated it from the deck, to the underhand of an outbuilding across the lawn which is adjacent to the feeder.

Mother birds gotta eat, right? Let’s make it easier on them… (🤥 I am very likely ignorant about bird diets, feel free to educate me.)

This morning I noticed the bird (and ground-scrounging squirrel) activity has denuded the mulch around the base of the feeder, exposing mud which the hard rain yesterday was washing downhill.

To patch that, I relocated some landscaping stones to around the feeder base, and scraped some more loose rocks and mulch up to fill in. I should probably get a lot more mulch but I don’t have a good way to move it. Time to borrow a pickup from the locals…

📷 μβ #sunlit

denuded patch of ground beneath my bird feedersome bird family started in my gourd this summerrearranged landscaping stones to cover bare ground beneath bird feeder