Why was blue the dominant color for police?

Posted on May 31, 2020

Why was blue the dominant color for police? Because it serves to separate the police from the military as a civic and pacifying group, a visual and psychological difference to reinforce that they were never meant to be aggressive warriors.

Even the “minor fashionable” change from wearing blue shirts to black tactical clothing increases their aggressive mindset.

A first step every chief of police nationwide should make is firing any officer who fails to turn in all riot gear tomorrow. Showing up to “control” a riot is creating them, as their human tension demands release. Individual protestors can cycle back off the front line so that the greater body maintains a state of agitation while remaining under control, for far longer than the police who break by escalating.

After an immediate recall of the equipment of aggression, justice organizations must prohibit stealth, tactical and riot control gear as everyday equipment. Needing it is fear. That fear comes from a mindset of being at war, of needing to go into battle. Stop battling the citizenry and start assisting them.

Prohibit even the term “police force” and any and all other aggressive militaristic language or training by those. Employed to “keep the peace.” If the police unions won’t allow reform, then create a new civic service: The Citizen Assistance Patrol.

“CAPs not Cops!”

Changing the entire culture of LEO will be cheaper than burning our cities down EVEN if we have to hire entirely new staffs to do so. Even if we have to furlough our entire police force tomorrow until it can be rebuilt.

They current organizations are PROVEN to be UNABLE to prevent riots. Their approaches have failed.

There is nothing left of them to save if they refuse to change.