Danger, Disappointment, and Duty in ‘The Cloud’

Posted on Dec 12, 2020

📺 ‘The Cloud’ Star Trek : Voyager S1E06🖖

A high concept episode, where the nebula they divert to “mine” for its rich energy source turns out to be something literally more fantastic. Janeway is very charming, at times bordering on plucky, as she deals with the danger, disappointment, and duty in ‘The Cloud’

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The writers used Neelix as a lampshade in this episode, marching to the captain’s office in indignant protest at the ship stopping to investigate every anomaly in the quadrant while endangering the crew in the process.

Janeway shows her mettle in a clever exchange that causes her alien guest to leave sputtering a confusion of word salad.

⭐️ 8/10